The 10k and 5k Race Routes

The Maynooth 10K Run will commence at 10.30am sharp. The race will be preceded by an organised warm-up session from 10.15am at the start area. The measured course which starts in the grounds of St. Patrick's College and runs through Carton Estate is one of the most historic and scenic routes in Ireland.

Runners in College Image

Commencing from outside the Long Hall in the shadow of the famous Yew tree, under which Silken Thomas reputedly sat playing his lute in bygone days you, the competitor, will proceed through the gateway into Riverstown car park. The route then goes left, around the pitch, before turning right at Logic House. You will pass under the archway and take a left at the Power House passing the museum on the right and the junior gardens/orchard on your left.

Turning right at Loftus Hall and then left towards the graveyard will bring you to the 1k marker. Continuing on this path around the playing fields and following the directional signs towards the church spire, you will follow the path past the Columbus Centre and veer left at the Aula Maxima. Approaching the computer centre and passing St. Joseph's Oratory will bring you to the 2k marker and the exit from St. Patrick's College through the main gates.

You will then progress east up the main street, passing O'Neill's on your left and Brady's Clock house and Court House Square on the right. The course then proceeds up towards the roundabout at McDonalds on the Dublin road at which point you will pass the 3k marker and will progress towards Leixlip. You will then see the first water station at which you will turn left up the Dunboyne road and proceed to the roundabout which will be the 5k marker. Back down the road and then left at the T-junction will bring you past the water station again and the 6k marker.

College Pathway Image

Continuing parallel to the Royal Canal will bring you to Pike's bridge after which you will turn left into Carton Estate and the 7k marker. Through the gates of Carton and up a slight incline along the main driveway will bring you past the 8k marker.

Runner Through Finish Image

Passing Carton House (built in 1739 for James Fitzgerald, the Duke of Leinster) in the distance on your right, with the Rye river in view you continue down the hill towards Coach Bridge and the famous boat house. You will then veer to the left to follow the pathway heading towards the gate at the Dunboyne road. The 9k marker is positioned just before the exit.

Crossing the Dunboyne road and onto the scenic, tree-lined Carton Avenue will bring you to the home stretch of this year's Maynooth 10K with the finishing line at the town end of the avenue.

The 5k event will commence at Convent Lane and follow the 10k route and share the same Finish Line but will NOT go up the Dunboyne Road. See the route map above.


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